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  • Brain drawing

    Nowe wieści od Neuralink — streszczenie z komentarzem

    Drodzy Czytelnicy i Czytelniczki, czy wyczekiwaliście nowych wiadomości od Neuralink o pracach nad interfejsami mózg-komputer? Skoro tu jesteście ze mną, to przypuszczam, że odpowiedzią jest tak! i wspólnie przyjrzymy się nowym osiągnięciom Neuralink. W…

    30 August 2020
  • Brain drawing

    Neuralink 2020 update — highlights and comments

    Dear Readers, have you been waiting for Neuralink’s updates on brain-computer interfacing? I suppose that the answer is yes!, as you are here with me, taking a closer look at the Neuralink-related stuff. After…

    29 August 2020
  • Brain drawing

    Brains “in silico” — neuromorphic computing

    As the need for social physical isolation and distancing in this difficult time keeps us at homes for most of the time, there is an additional opportunity to dive into some new topics or…

    31 May 2020
  • (Quite) long time no see!

    Polska wersja językowa poniżej. Dear readers and friends, as I came back to Poland I got busy. I got very, very busy – both with my university and my job. The paper, the conference,…

    28 April 2019
  • #OffToTokyo Day 2: opportunities for innovation

    Wpis w języku polskim poniżej. Dear friends and readers of my blog, the MIT Bootcamp is such an *intense time*! Even if I had a 2 hours sleep — doesn’t matter, that’s fine! Because…

    25 March 2019
  • Let’s start: big thanks!

    [Polska wersja językowa poniżej] Dear friends and (hopefully) my new readers, I’d like to say thank you.Thank you, thank you, thank you. Today is a month from the finish of my crowdfunding campaign at…

    17 March 2019