About me

Hello! My name is Anna Stróż. I’m a 24 years old student and researcher, absolutely passionate about the world itself.

Currently, I am MSc student of Cognitive Science at Faculty of Psychology and Neuroinformatics at Faculty of Physics at University of Warsaw. In my spare time I cooperate in some research projects, work, travel, read.. simply saying – I do the stuff I actually fell in love with.

Protest for Internet freedom, Warsaw. #StopACTA2.0

I connect the dots – that’s how I call the experiences from my lifetime. (There is Steve Jobs’s Stanford speech on YouTube, which actually led me to think about it in such way. That’s a powerful and life-changing idea.)

Be the wolf. *wannabe-coaching intensifies*
Year 1999?

So, as a teenager I worked during the holidays in a mini-zoo or as a fruit-picker, then found some office jobs during the secondary school and high school. I was active NGO participant (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for about 6 years, Youth Council of Góra Kalwaria for 1 year and many cultural projects in my town as well).

Then I failed twice, while attempting to study medicine in Poland. After the first trial, I enrolled to Audiophonology course at Medical University of Warsaw, but dropped after first semester. I wanted to focus on my second attempt. And I failed. And I was quite happy, because few months earlier I found that there are Cognitive Science studies in Warsaw. No, I was more than happy, because the course merged my passions to medicine, computer science, philosophy and psychology as well. Bull’s-eye!
You should see my parents’ faces, when I told them about CogSci studies (in Polish kognitywistyka). — “Kogni.. WHAT?!”
Yup.., right now they like it.:-)

After a year I enrolled to Neuroinformatics course at Faculty of Physics, because I saw and still see CogSci studies as a kind of a central node, connecting various fields of study. As I wanted to get some specificity and learn some hard skills, such a combination worked absolutely well for me. Kind of top-down and bottom-up.

Happy face (because of Lysefjord). Stavanger, Norway 2016.

For two years (2017-2019) I worked at Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. If you’d never been there, please don’t hesitate. As an animator, I learned a lot. Not only about physical phenomena, but firstly and foremostly it taught me to cooperate kindly, expand my non-conventional and teamwork-oriented thinking. From October ’18 to March ’19 I worked as a teacher in a democratic school – there I experienced an alternative approach toward teaching. I saw that this process doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t!) be unidirectional.

Currently, I cooperate in some research projects at Faculty of Physics (UW) involving brain-computer interfaces and disorders of consciousness. The goal of both projects is to: find a communication channel for people with disabilities, parametrize and predict the prognosis based on medical data (electroencephalography, Coma Recovery Scale etc.).
I also had a pleasure to work together with Aleksandra Przegalinska, PhD on human-robot/-chatbot interaction. I learned a lot and upgraded my research skills.

This blog is my first attempt to share the knowledge from my fields of study with you. Sometimes to share my adventures, rarely to share my personal points of view.